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Mind, body & Spirit

Nourish Your Body

Spoil Special Oils are a blend of 100% plant and essential oils which are synergistically formulated to hydrate, moisturise, nourish, heal scars and blemishes, build collagen and elastin, tighten your skin and have the anti-aging properties that you want.

Flourish and Thrive

The Soul Reveal session offers an opportunity for you to increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection. My mission is to heal, offer guidance and closure so you may live a happier and healthier life.


Colour Me Conscious

Colour Consultation – you will feel the energy of colour every day in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. 

Shop like an expert

This is about showing you how to shop and utlize my 4 principle shopping system; and not so much about the buying …………….. you can opt to do both if you desire!



Get a group of friends/colleagues together for a fun and inspiring 3 hours. 


Dressing in Style 

Style Consultation – discovering your unique style so you feel you are dressing for YOU. Utilize your asset area and learn a 4 principle dressing/shopping system that gives you confidence to make the right choice every time.