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Colour Me Conscious

Colour Consultation feel energized every day


Colour surrounds you; it feeds and nourishes your senses. You see it, feel it, and absorb it. Your mind, body and spirit is profoundly affected by it. the impact of colour is transformational!

Every day you make colour choices. You may decide to wear a particular outfit because you have an important meeting to go to. This choice may be made consciously or unconsiously. If you need confidence for any reason, you might deliberately choose red. However if you know you want to feel calm you might decide to wear blue as that is a cooling colour. 

On another level you will find colour effects you mentally, spiritually - showing your 'personal presence' giving clues to who you are, and of course physically to dress they way you feel authentically you.

By wearing your perfect colours that are complimentary to your personal colouring and personal energy type you will look vibrant, youthful and confident.

In your colour consultation you will find out whether you are best to wear muted/blended, clear/light, bright, rich, deep or dark shades best. Confidence in combining colours becomes easy when you own your personal palette of colours – they automatically look fabulous together. 

Benefits of knowing your special colours:

  • Enhance your natural colouring, giving your skin and hair a radiance and youthful appearance. Literally making you look 10 years younger!
  • Know how to wear colour on your body to balance your height and proportion.
  • Combine colours together that will reflect your personality. For example will you feel best wearing high contrast colours, blended tones, or soft and subtle, or another combination?
  • Develop a co-ordinated wardrobe that delights both your pocket and your senses. 
  • Find it easy while you shop, saving time and money!

What we will do?:

First we discover which palette you look best in – either warm or cool tones. Then decide the seasonal palette, which includes your ‘star’ colours; they are your very special colours nearest your face.   Next,your supporting colours, then colours for your core wardrobe garments, such as jackets, knits, skirts and trousers, and finally your accent colours. We will then show you how to combine your colours that is unique to you. You will feel your own beauty secret or sixth sense and feel so much more confident. 

Your colours are presented in a palette where you can see them all together, making co-ordinating easy. Take this palette with you when you shop and you will never make a mistake again!

We will discuss how colour energetically affects your body and emotions and how you can choose colours to support your daily activities.  

Investment: $185

Men’s Colour consultation:

Investment: $185 includes recommendations for professional suits, shirts and ties.

Remember to ask for your FREE “How to use colour psychology in business” leaflet.