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Chryssie Woodham


Everybody is perfect just the way they are. My job as a personal stylist is to get you to feel this way about yourself. 

Meet Chryssie Woodham

Holistic Colour and Style Trainer, Intuitive Personal Stylist, Spiritual Healer, Author, Artist

As a holistic personal stylist, my work goes beyond physical appearance. I am here to support you in reconnecting to your inner self and expressing yourself authentically through your unique soul style.

When I first started as a colour and style consultant, I soon discovered that there is more to personal styling than just fashion and looks: Finding your ideal colours and style opens up a beautiful space of self-exploration. Being deeply passionate about helping people discover their authentic selves and cultivate more self-love, I developed a mindful and holistic approach to colour, style, and fashion that takes into account all facets of an individual. As I also love to simplify things and take away the overwhelm, I created a 4-step shopping and dressing system that makes curating an aligned style a breeze.

Even after 38 years of experience as a personal stylist, the moment a client sees themselves with fresh eyes is still a rewarding experience every time. It is an honour to witness the personal transformation and the change in people’s self-worth that a colour and style consultation can bring about.

Unique Style is my life's work, and I am honoured to share my learnings and personal philosophy with you through consultations as well as tailor-made training courses. 

What my work is all about:

♥ Discovering Your Authentic Self

Let's explore who you are on all levels of your being to uncover your limitless potential. Reconnecting to your essence will leave you with a wholesome sense of self. This makes it easy to express who you are through your unique soul style, which reflects you as a person, independent from current fashion trends.

♥ Expressing Your Uniqueness

Valving yourself and your uniqueness allows you to express yourself freely. You will step out of your consutlation or training with heightened confidence and newfound flair. Owning your uniqueness also leaves you free to appreciate and value other people's uniqueness like never before.

♥ Holistic Approach

Holistic colour and style consultations go beyond physical appearance and fashion as we take a look at the whole person. When creating your personal colour palette and unique soul style, I consider much more than just your looks. Besides your body shape, we will also explore your dressing style, lifestyle and how colour affect you mentall, emoitonally and spiritually.

♥ Heart-centred Empowerment

My service are designed to be an uplifting, empowering experience. Your colour and style consutlation will help you see yourself through fresh eyes, move past limiting beliefs about yourself, and gain a new level of confidence. You can trust that I will only use affirming language and show you how to highlight your most-loved features. We will be coming from a place of self-love, so there will be no talk of "problem areas, "slimming down", or anything of that sort.

♥ Finding Joy

Colours and personal style can have a great impact on your professional image and first impression - and this might feel daunting at times. In your consultation session or training, I will show you how to take the overwhelm out of shopping, cooridination outfits, and planning your wardrobe through my 4-step dressing system. Simplifying the process allows you to have fun expressing yourself through your uniqure soul style.


Kind Words from a client

"The best thing I have done for myself this year is to find Chryssie. After I went through her process, I fundamentally changed the way I viewed myself. I put into practice her dressing system and literally have saved thousands of dollars, and best of all: the confidence that I now feel is extraordinary." 

Karen, Christchurch