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Soul Reveal


Soul Reveal Session – 1 ½ hours

Helping you find peace, flow, connection to self - your unconscious knowingness that recides in you - creating your own masterpiece

  • Reveal what is not being seen
  • Release stuck energy and the healing power of releasing
  • Reflect on who and how you want to BE
  • What you want to believe, act and create

The Soul Reveal session offers an opportunity for you to increase wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection. My mission is to heal, offer insight through spirit, and closure so you may live a happier and healthier life. 

Need insights on life issues or challenges? Or want to achieve more in your personal life or business/career.

A Soul Reveal session conveys messages that bring clarity to current issues or challenges and/or closure to unresolved issues. It empowers you by providing insight and guidance on life transitions.

How do I do it?

I channel spiritual energy.  It comes to me in the form of pictures, I hear spirit speaking to me, I sense the presence of spirit standing around me, I feel the energy of spirit, I have a knowing about the past and present.

When I channel energy it comes to me through my crown chakra at the top of my head, the energy travels down through my body.

The energy I channel comes in the form of heat & vibration, and I feel a surge of energy going through my body and into my hands, I feel the emotion sorrow, grief or happiness. I feel, I sense, I see, I hear spirit speak to me explaining what is happening inside & around the person I’m with. I then start to explain what it is I am picking up through my own body through spirit speaking to me, this is when I start to channel & speak what is being said to me from spirit.

I don’t have to place my hands on a person body to feel what is going on inside them, I feel it in my own body it is like the unspoken words between spirit & myself.

I do not work alone. I stand in my own vibration while channelling and feel the oneness with spirit while I give spiritual energy insights & healing.  I stand holding the hand of the energy of Mother Mary.

How can you prepare before the session?

Before your session take some time to reflect and write down what you are seeking. What is the core questions, issue, concerns or longing for? 

What happens after?

We will record your session for you to listen at your leisure, to reflect and more will be revealed to you in your quietness. 

I recommend that you schedule your session when you have time aftertwards to rest and absorb what has been revealed to you. 

Investment: $175

Email chryssie to schedule your appointment: