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Style Workshop - 'Create Your Unique Style'

You may like to make up a group of your own in your area

Investment: $125 per person

This 3 hour workshop with a maximum number up to 6 participants will highlight the 'how to' aspect of developing a co-ordinated wardrobe. You will have Chryssie's 4 principle shopping system personalized for you so that works it 100% of the time. A workbook will be personalised during the workshop. 

Break free from your own preconceptions of style, and take the "shoulds" out.  The power is really in new knowledge and the way you shop to choose your clothing from now on.  Save money when you buy clothing to suit, first time!

Transform yourself with principles that work!

  • Explore and uncover your own unique personal style profile 
  • Learn how to use this new knowledge to discover a style of your own
  • Apply the 4 principle shopping system that works 100% of the time
  • Break from the past shoulds of shopping and fashion
  • Use style lines that flatter your shape, height and proportion
  • Be shown how colour from warm or cool palette makes a difference!
  • Identify the main garments to easily build your core wardrobe
  • Have flexibility so that you can interchange seasonally and into the evening
  • Get your start to a plan of action for this season and every season

Be amazed at how these principles work making your shopping easy.

No more bad mistakes that sit in your wardrobe gathering dust! 

Be excited at the prospect of knowing that you will always have something to wear and look and feel fabulous everyday.